You Are What You Love

June 23, 2012

The concert I went to tonight was so good. Jenny Lewis performed, and then surprised me when the Watson Twins came out too. Not a big deal to you, perhaps. But she did a lot of songs from her first solo album which the Watson Twins sang harmonies very prominently on. When I saw her last time at UCSD, they weren’t with her. So this time, all of her songs sounded much much better with the harmonies. She played some Rilo Kiley songs on the acoustic and some new songs too, as well as all my favorite songs from her catalog. Overall, I’d say that it was a pretty much perfect show (her fuck-ups and banter made it all the more enjoyable), even if it was miserable standing behind two douchebags who were all up in my space–one of whom smelled like a dirty asshole, and the other smelled like rotten Play-Doh. At least the girls to the right of me were hot, though probably underage judging by how they were acting.
Last week’s concert was Allen Stone, which was also incredible. It’s hard to remember exactly how amazing it was at the time, after having just returned from the spectacular Jenny Lewis concert tonight. But, I specifically remember ranking it as my second favorite concert I’ve ever been to. I think this Jenny Lewis one is in third place. If they did a concert together, I think I’d shit my pants and end up smelling like the guy standing in front of me tonight.
I also went to a wedding this past weekend. I wouldn’t say it was a complete success (what does that even mean?), but there were some wins. It was fun regardless, though. Free food, free booze, free lame photo booth pictures, lots of attractive girls to look at: not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Work, however, has not been so pleasant. Having to deal with lazy dumb asses while simultaneously having to shift around the way I’ve been doing my job is not making it pleasant. I dislike it a lot. But, as I’ve said to a few people already, I’m over it. Or at least trying to be. The positive thing– though not actually relevant to work–is that they finally opened up a connecting road that goes to the 5 freeway. I no longer have to take the main road that takes me 15 minutes to get from the office to the freeway! I will count that as a win. For everything else that’s more of a “loss”, I have a bottle of whiskey at my desk that will help me worry about them less.


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