Sweet, Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Fire in the Street

July 2, 2012

The way that a person (namely me) can get out of a slump as fast as they fall into one is extremely frustrating.  At any given moment, I could be shunning everything going on in my mundane, first-world, overly privileged life.  Then, as quick as paper catches fire, things start picking up.  Good shit starts happening.  I’m doing more things.  I’m hangin’ out– have places to go; people to see, shit lined up to do.  My parents are awesome and mostly happy.  Projects are rolling and I’m contributing and my opinion means something.  I’m confident it’s going to be pretty awesome when it launches.  I’m being productive when I mostly need to be.  Companies are at least emailing me about my rejection.  Companies are sometimes actually emailing me back to express their potential interests.  All in all, I feel pretty fucking great.  Obviously, aside from work and traffic, I couldn’t be much more content right now.

Then, perhaps, in as soon as a few days, all this can turn to absolute shit.  I’m bored.  I have no plans.  I have no where to go; no one to see.  My parents are unhappy and then smear that shit all over me.  Projects start dying off, and then I’m no longer of use.  This will cause me to be less productive.  Then companies completely neglect my resume.  They will all gather around the monitor, laughing hysterically at my application.  And then, some balding fat white guy will be keeling over, dying from laughter as they read off the bullet points of what I’ve done at each job, and he will eventually shart from the uncontrollable laughter when some reads off the job I’m applying for.  All in all, I’ll feel pretty fucking terrible.  Work will look me dead in the eyes, grab my balls, and then squeeze.  It’ll start promptly at 8am, and won’t loosen its grip until 5pm.  Then, traffic will hold me down in the car, and then punch me in the face every time a car brakes unnecessarily, or cuts me off, or drives slow.  This will occur for about 30-40 minutes until I turn the engine off.  That’s what bad will be like.  If you happen to hear me cry myself to sleep, you’ll know why.

But back to the good stuff, before I let that depressing pile of shit of a paragraph get to me and drag me down.  Last week was just rough.  I was constantly playing catch-up, while trying to stay afloat at all.  I put that bottle of Jim Beam to use last week, too.  It quite honestly made things more bearable, even though I knew god damn well shit still sucked.  On top of that, Friday was a long fucking day.  I said to myself, “idgaf.”  I said it as a word, mind you, and have found myself saying that mentally quite a bit lately for reasons unknown.  So I tried to be the most unproductive motherfucker I possibly could.  Didn’t work out too well cuz I ended up doing some work, but I tried.  The weekend helped to offset it though.  I visited my parents and ate a big lunch at home with them where we wrapped spring rolls and stuff.  Then ate flan for dessert.  As I mentioned earlier, my parents were not annoying and bitter either– just happy that my sister and I was there.  I went to my sister’s place afterwards, hung out for a bit, then went to another party with my friends.  We got our friend high and she liked it (despite her initial opposition and contrived disdain for it), and I couldn’t have been more elated that I was there to experience it all.  Sunday was nice too.  Slept well, woke up, did laundry, then went down to my sister’s friend’s house they were house sitting and hung out.  Ate a shit load of junk food, and then went home.  That was just the nice weekend I needed to recharge my batteries.  I was pretty close to losing it by Friday.


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