Threw My Bad Fortune Off the Top of a Tall Building

August 24, 2012

August has proven to be a busy month.  The source of the busyness comes from the fact that I got a new job.  I am finally leaving my shitty-ass miserably mundane job, and taking on a more relevant one instead.  A major reason for my leaving my current job is because of my boss (surprise surprise).  The kicker is that my boss is now leaving too.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the bitch it pregnant.  Now, her husband finally found a full-time job on the East Coast, so the entire family is relocating.  As much as this annoys me that she couldn’t have left earlier to just make my life easier, I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t have been so determined to find a new job if it wasn’t for her.  So I suppose I owe her some thanks in that sense.  Aside from that though, my new job will mean I will be moving to LA.  I’m thinking about buying a bike so that I can just bike to work if I live close enough.  Commuting from Orange County would just be stupid, and living at my parents’ house is just out of the question.  This is pretty exciting to me since I will finally be able to immerse myself into the LA scene.  Music venues will be closer, and general social activities will be more abundant; at least that is my hope.  If not, then I’m sure my new job will keep me plenty busy.  My colleagues have been telling me that working at an agency is whole different beast from working in corporate.  That is, work is pretty much constantly flowing furiously like a river with deadlines pummeling you left and right.  If I’m not pigeon-holed into doing the same exact boring shit over and over, then I think I will be ok with lots of work.

So, with trying to wrap everything up at work, packing, celebrating my departure from work with friends and coworkers, and then trying to tie up the loose ends of things, I haven’t exactly been able to focus on planning my Year End Trip.  I think I was pretty knee-deep in research by this time last year, but so far I haven’t done much aside from the airfare price check here and there.  Once I settle into my new place and then get internet there, I’ll need to really get my shit together and plan it before I lose time.  My friend says he is totally willing to go, but I’m curious as to whether or not he has gotten/renewed his passport.  I mentioned it to him and told him to do it as soon as possible, but who knows if he’s done that yet.  In all honesty, if someone can’t even take the initiative to research that and do such common task with so much information available online, then I’m not sure I can tolerate them while we’re traveling–family or friend.  I’m being a dick, perhaps.  Or, I’m also just tired of people being lazy.


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