You Make It Easy

September 7, 2012

It’s only my third day of having started my new job, and already I feel like a productive member of this team.  The level of excitement and enthusiasm I have for doing my work is unparalleled to what I’ve done at my past jobs.  My first assignment is working on wireframing out a concert festival’s online merchandise store.  How fucking cool is that?  I get to decide how the entire site gets laid out, and thus influence the way users interact with the site.  And for once, I don’t have to worry much about designing something complex because I’m not responsible for coding it, or have to worry that the developers are incapable of coding it.  But above even the fact that the work I do is pretty awesome so far, is that my boss values my opinion.  It’s pretty sad how good this makes me feel– like I’ve never experienced what being valued feels like.  I can tell that my hours will eventually get all jacked up when my boss starts taking off my training wheels and starts giving me more and more projects.  But I feel like I wouldn’t mind it so much right now.  The fact that I’d be working on different projects for different companies is such a great concept to me.  It’s a huge change from the monotonous and repetitive shit I was doing at my last job.  Speaking of my last job, the other asshole exec (the VP of the department) is leaving for Apple.  I guess Apple was fine with more than 3/4 of his department quitting within six months primarily because of his shitty-ass leadership skills (or lack thereof).

In conclusion, I think I also have the hots for my new boss.


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