And When We Grow Old Yeah, We’ll All Wonder How We Missed Out

October 2, 2012

I went to the Wilco concert at the Hollywood Bowl yesterday, and it was fucking fantastic.  It was a combination of a bunch of things that made it so awesome.  Allow me to rub it in your face:

1.  It was not a leased event, meaning people were allowed to bring food and alcohol in.  My friend and I brought in 10 beers, sandwiches from Whole Foods, and some snacks.
2.  We had box seats.  Garden.  We were practically in the pool area, with just a walkway separating us from that pool/pit.  The view was spectacular.
3.  We had comfortable seats.
4.  The sound/mix was outstanding like the last Wilco concert I went to at the Palladium.  I could actually hear every instrument and all the guys singing.
5.  I timed my edible just perfectly.  By the time they played my favorite song, the chocolate and the beer had mixed well, and euphoria was coursing through my veins.
6.  It was a nice warm evening; perfect weather.

So there’s that.  That was probably the biggest event I had planned for a while.  Nothing really planned out completely for the rest of the year yet, but potential things lined up.

1.  Fishing
2.  NorCal/wine tasting trip again
3.  Vegas
4.  Euro Trip 2012

1 to 3 is likely going to not happen, mostly because it’s all talk and often out of my hands.  4, however, is completely within reach.  My friend is expressing interest in coming with me this time, but still sounds unsure because of having to convince his mom and shit to let him travel during the holiday.  I don’t know what to make of that situation, so I won’t think too much about it.  What I am thinking about though, is how I’m going to plan this trip out.  Which cities do I go to?  Which hostels do I stay at?  Which trains do I take from city to city?  Italy was much easier to plan.  The cities were pretty obvious, the hostels seemed more abundant, and there’s really only 1 train that runs through Italy, so that was a no-brainer.  As of now, how this trip is planned is dependent on a couple of factors.  The first one being whether or not my friend is going to go.  Funds, his mom’s approval, etc.  (Ugh).  The second is whether or not I can get my boss’s approval.  She’ll probably let me, but who knows.  Hell, maybe she’ll want to go.  I would love that.  I’d tell my friend to take the back seat haha.  But more about this trip.

In terms of cities, it’s looking like Dusseldorf, Cologne, Brussels, Antwerp, Brugge, Ghent, Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, and Rotterdam.  Maybe not all of them, though.  I figured some of the cities are day-tripable.  I’m also excited because my friend I met on my trip last year just moved to London.  I suggested she and her friend from home (who was in Italy too) come to Amsterdam and start an annual tradition of celebrating New Year’s eve in a different European city.  I won’t get my hopes up, but it’s certainly a nice thought to be able to meet up with travel friends again.


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