But I Think I’m Ready As Long As You’re With Me

October 20, 2012

I typed this up at work on Thursday after coming back from an offsite meeting with a client.  I was feeling pretty jazzed, and was still exhausted from the sprint-like work I had to do the night before for said meeting.  Thus, this post below was the result of it.

As I was anxiously sitting in our client’s conference room– anticipating our creative director finishing up his presentation, and thinking about what I was going to say if he finished before my boss got there to present instead of me– I came to a realization:  I have no problem with not getting the spotlight on my ideas.  I get to sit in when we present our work to the clients, and my boss presents my work 99.9% of the time.  I have yet to comprehend how she manages to present things so eloquently and thought provokingly, and on the spot at that, but she does.  She talks about other ideas that come from a small idea or something I said, and how we came to this idea, and sometimes the things she says is news to me but works so damn well with what we have.  Point is, I need to get pointers from her.  The other point is that I’m ecstatic when the clients are all enthused about what we’re presenting.  It’s funny though, because they’re throwing their enthusiasm and praises towards my boss (which is understandable since she’s presenting the stuff so well like she’s the one who did it), and there I am, sitting quietly in the corner fist pumping in my mind thinking, “Fuck yes!”  And then when my ideas finally pass through design, then development, then goes live, I will get to say that I came up with the awesome idea.

My friend finally gave me a solid answer yesterday on whether or not he’s going with me on my trip at the end of the year.  His boss said no.  I’m annoyed, mostly because it took him this long to get me an answer, and now I’m stuck with choosing between a few hostels.  In addition, the prices are probably higher now.  In any case, after I found out, I immediately went online to book my hostel for when I’m in Amsterdam.  New Year’s Eve is going to be awesome.  I’m doubtful my travel buddies from last year will make it, but my friend from high school said she plans on being there.  It’ll be nice to see a familiar face.  All that’s left in planning is airfare and booking the rest of the hostels, which would essentially solidify the remaining planning of which cities I’m going to visit.  I’m excited, but a little apprehensive of the inter-country travel.


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