Take the “4” Bus

November 1, 2012

Today’s post title is a nod to a Duke Ellington tune entitled Take the “A” Train.

I’m feeling a bit sleep deprived after last night.  My friends and I took the bus to West Hollywood for Halloween.  The ride there was pretty crazy, with people acting wild and rowdy.  When we finally got off, it was even crazier.  Rewinding back a bit, my friend and I were Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World.  Throughout the night, people kept yelling “Wayne’s world!  Wayne’s world!” and even took pictures with us; and some of the people that noticed our costumes were very attractive women.  After having walked down the street, deeper into the carnival and massive crowds, two of my friends had to go home, so we all started heading back towards the direction we came from, once again fighting the crowds.  My other friend that lives in LA didn’t have to go, so we decided to part ways with my other friends and go into a ridiculously gay bar.

We had some drinks, and then I felt the urge to socialize due to the incredibly high level of alcohol in my blood.  We eventually walked closer to the dance area, and these three girls saw me and said, “Wayne’s world!  Wayne’s world!”  To which I replied, “Woo!”  One of the girls was near me at the bar buying a drink earlier, so I saw that she wrote “50 Shades” on her arm.  I pretended I didn’t see that and approached her saying that I like her costume—which was a dress full of grey color swatches.  She seemed very pleased that I understood her pun.  Her friend had a similar punny costume:  she wore a black dress with some keys on her arms and shoulders.  I was in no state of mind to think, so I didn’t realize she was the Black Keys.  I pretended I was very amused, and thus hung out with them for the rest of the night.  When my friend and I left, one of the girls asked us to put our names down in the notes app on her iPhone.  Being incredibly quenched of thirst from the beverages we had throughout the night, I happily obliged and typed my name into her phone.  Perhaps she will friend me on Facebook like she said she would, and I will see what she and her friends really look like in the light of day.  I think they took pictures with us, so I’m curious to see what those look like.  I’m actually really hoping that they friend me on Facebook because I want to see how the pictures of me with strangers look like.  Not just the pictures my friends and I are in with those three girls, but everyone who has us in their pictures.  But alas, the latter will never happen.

All in all, Wayne’s World is a very successful costume, which made for a very successful Halloween.  I felt like vomiting on the bus ride back, but got off just in time to make the nausea subside.  My friends were sleeping in their car, waiting for us to get back because the girl that was with us left her purse (and thus her keys) in my apartment.  I ran upstairs, grabbed her purse, and sent my friends on their way.  I walked my friend to the front of my apartment complex, ran back to my apartment, took my costume off, and then passed out.

I’m now extremely sleepy and feel very uneasy in my stomach.  I’m not hung-over though.  My head isn’t throbbing or anything like that.  I just feel like I’m on the verge of getting sick if I’m not careful.  I’ve been eating nothing but junk food lately, and I haven’t been running or working out.  I think I should start again now that it’s November.


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