No One Knows

November 12, 2012

Technically, this really isn’t the first post since November first.  Little did you know that I’ve come close to posting something since then on several occasions.  But, for one reason or another, it never happened.  Most of what I would have written were about work, and about wanting my boss, so there wasn’t much missing in between.  The previous sentence is by no means an exaggeration.  I would like to make it plain and simple that at one point in time, you, future self, wanted your boss.  Bad.  Be sure to recall how cute she looked when she put the hood from her turquoise hoodie over her head, which matched almost perfectly with her turquoise rimmed glasses, that made it look like they were one object.  And how her bangs would effortlessly graze the top of her right eye and glasses as if she’s had the same hair style for the longest time, and how she’d subconsciously brush it away every other minute, which made you wonder why she didn’t just clip it or do some other hair style instead, but then realized she looks pretty goddamn hot in her usual hair.  But hopefully by the time you’re re-reading this, this feeling will be long gone, or possibly for someone else– who knows?
That was the core of what I missed out on posting.  Oh, and that last week I had one of the worst days in a while and wanted run head-first into a wall.  And work kinda sucked last week in general, but I’m over it now.  The real meat of what was missing was that I bought my airfare for Year End Trip 2012.  That’s the official name of my trips now, and has been for a while, actually.  I had planned on returning on January 4 because that was the cheapest return date I could find within my date range.  But after further investigation, leaving on the 7th would be cheaper.  That would mean I would miss work just one more day, since the 7th is a Monday.  So I asked my boss about my vacation, and she gave me the green light for 4 days off.  That’s 4 days of vacation I haven’t even begun to accrue yet.  So I book my flight right after she tells me she’s ok with it.  And then I notice on the confirmation email that the itinerary says return date is on the 8th.  Fuck me.  I almost did the same mistake last year, but actually caught it.  I didn’t bother to realize that I lose a day flying back west on a long flight.  So the next day, I tell my boss I that I kinda fucked up.  She sounded a little annoyed and indifferent, but I want to attribute that to her being incredibly swamped at work, but she still said it’s ok.  That’s why I love my boss.
So now that I have 3 extra days, I was thinking that I have more time to travel somewhere else.  I figured my travel friend probably isn’t going to Amsterdam (although I haven’t actually asked again), I thought maybe I can visit her in London.  And my other friend also lives in England, though not exactly close to London, so I could try to visit her too.  I haven’t even looked at how complicated travel between the two countries would be, and how much time that would take.  I can see it taking a whole day, so I don’t know if it’s even worth the time and money.  Who knows?
Sky diving is actually gaining momentum, and my friend may actually take the initiative to see it through.  I told him that if he planned it, I would do it with him.  He keeps telling me he’s going to call, but who knows?


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