My Head is Like a Flame

December 3, 2012

Last week at work, we were having a conference call with one of our clients.  To cut to the point, the guy was an idiot.  I wrote, “This guy is a moran” on some scratch paper that was on my boss’ desk, directed towards the tool on the phone.  Everyone had a laugh.  It turns out, I’m the “moran.”
My flight back from Dusseldorf begins on January 7, and flies to London for a connecting flight.  I get to London at around 9:30pm.  Then, my flight out of London back to Los Angeles is at 10:30am.  Did you catch that?  9:30pm and 10:30am.  That’s a 13 hour layover, meaning I need to spend the night there to catch my next flight in the morning.  I’m actually chuckling at how incredibly stupid I am at overlooking that fact.  And I’m actually very, very angry inside right.  The fucking website I checked my airfare on typically posts times in the 24:00 format.  This one I looked at didn’t do that.  So all I saw was 9:30 and then 10:30 and thought, “Oh sweet!  Only an hour layover!  Better book this shit RIGHT AWAY!”  Still, it’s my fault.  I’m embarrassed.  Looks like I’m going to have to get a room at a hotel near the airport.  Mother fucker.  I should’ve just booked the more expensive airfare that would get me back to LA on the 7th, since now it looks like it’ll end up costing the same if I get a room.  I think the worst part is that I didn’t even notice this blatant discrepancy until now.  What the fuck was I thinking?!

Here are two paths I have now.
1.  Miraculously be able to skip the first leg of my return flight that starts in Dusseldorf, and just board the connecting flight on the 8th in London.
2.  Fly back to Dusseldorf from London on the 7th and get there around 6 or 7pm, stay in the airport for a few hours, then fly back to London, spend the night at a hotel nearby, then return to the airport at 7am the next morning, and then wait for my flight at 10:30.

Let’s be realistic here:  number 2 is what’s going to happen.


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