Tighten Up

January 20, 2013

My coworker is sending me mixed signs.  Sometimes it seems like she’s dropping hints for me to ask her out.  Other times it feels like she’s just being friendly.  This always happens though.  I always seem to see and hear things the way I want them to be.  Then I get emotionally invested, and then shit becomes utterly apparent that I was misinterpreting things.  In the case of my coworker, I had tried to sever off any wishful thinking I had, and adhere to merely viewing her friendly and potentially flirtatious actions as her true and natural personality, and nothing more.  It worked for about a week until she seemed to be getting even more chummy with me.  And now I keep thinking about her.  But it’s funny because it’s not about her herself; I keep thinking about the shit she does and says to me.  I’m irritated that I don’t know for certain what her actions mean more than I am irritated that she is probably just being friendly to me.  I don’t want to try anything until I know for certain that’s what she wants.  Otherwise, if I ask her out and then it’s not what she was expecting, then working with her is probably going to be awkward.


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