I Just Want to Sleep Forever

April 27, 2013

Coachella was last weekend.  Here are some notes I took on my phone during some down time, partially high, and completely exhausted.

  • Starting a sitting spot because you sat there first
  • People DGAF when you light up a joint
  • People can’t dance, but as long as you move your body, you’re fine
  • People can “dance” to anything (James Blake)
  • Everyone wasn’t super friendly and open like I thought they’d be (Debbie Downers on shuttle bus)
  • Coachella is no fun sober
  • Button up shirts are better than tshirts
  • Coachella (as with most situations) is only fun when you’re there with fun people
  • In this case, my friend was a bummer
    • Not a girl
    • Always on the phone checking something, probably txt from his girl
    • Not even attempting to help me socialize with others around me
    • I had more fun when I was alone than when I was with my friend, worrying that he was uncomfortable
    • He was always tired and didn’t want to get a little deeper into the crowds
  • Annoyed at myself that I didn’t have friends to go with
  • Was good for the music, but honestly not much else
  • Annoyed that I couldn’t hang out with my boss
  • Doubtful I will go again next year if its the same group of people. If I do go, it will not be with my friend
  • Coachella is overrated

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