I Know You Must Feel Lost These Days

August 22, 2013

I received an email from a lady at another agency back in April about a job there. It sounded like she actually took the time to write the email rather than copy and paste a template. So for that, I did her a solid and replied with a response that essentially said, “No I’m good, thanks. Please ask me when this happens again though!” And today, I got an email from her again, and it’s practically perfect timing. I think I want to leave again. Yes, I’m getting my performance review soon, and my boss made it sound promising– like it’s a lot of big news– so there’s that. But there’s also the part about how I have no direction half the time; or how my boss spends 90% of the time talking to everyone else but me, or how she never bothered to actually reply to my email after she said she would; or how we were given 10 free festival passes and at least 3 of them aren’t even employees so now I didn’t get one; or how a guy that didn’t work on a project for a movie gets to go to the screening, but the guy that did work on the project doesn’t. The little things like that. So anyways, I think I might see where this goes. But generally speaking, I’m not sure what I’d do in the event I got a good raise and a job offer. I would hope instead, that, one opportunity was more blatantly better than the other. I’d probably do the new one though. If so, my commute will suck, but what are you gonna do. Progress is progress. At least then– if I end up going for, and getting the job– I’ll have a reason to be on both the east and west side of town.


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