Cruel to Be Kind

November 27, 2013

Lately I’ve been considering telling my parents that I smoke pot so that I can then somehow persuade them to try it for themselves, because they really need it. Now that they’re both not working, they’re stuck at home together all the time. That equates to them being annoyed with each other all the time. My dad worries all the time and stresses out about shit he shouldn’t be stressing out about, so he has this mopey personality that can lead him to do annoying things. My mom, on the other hand, is a little more self-aware, and is a lot less prone to worrying and more into doing (incredibly tame) shit. So she just gets so annoyed with my dad because he just makes things complicated sometimes. But a lot of the times, too, what my dad does isn’t a big deal but my mom yells at him anyways. So then my dad is just annoyed and pissed off for this assholishness he thinks is coming out of nowhere. And thus the cycle continues– endlessly… unless- they smoke! Dad puffs:  stops worrying, enjoys life more, stops being annoying. Mom puffs: stops getting annoyed at every little thing my dad does, stops talking to him condescendingly, keeps being in a good mood because her husband stops being such a tightwad.

Now, how to gather the courage to tell them, and how to actually tell them.


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