The World Is in Your Hands, or It’s at Your Throat

June 22, 2014

Looks like the last time I posted something was about two months ago. That span of time actually feels a whole lot longer than it really was because of how many things that went on during it. I don’t quite remember every little thing that occurred, but let me try to recant some of the major events for record-sake.

In my last post, I had just returned from Coachella. I ended up feeling depressed the whole week due to a bad come-down after a whole weekend of being high and drunk, and hanging out with Molly for the first time (which, by the way, there really was a Molly; but no, not referring to her). After my serotonin levels returned to normal, my 2014 Coachella memory seemed to be a bit more of a happy one, albeit still a blur.

I then went camping with my friends at a state beach north of Malibu a few weekends afterwards. That was great, even if it was kind of short. I arrived Saturday afternoon after driving in traffic for a few hours. Once I was on PCH, though, I didn’t mind the drive so much. A few of my friends and I slept on the beach, on a tarp, in just a sleeping bag, which was fun. The less adventurous ones slept in a tent. It was short trip, so Sunday, we had a little breakfast and then left the camp grounds by 11am.

The following week was also eventful. My friend from college was in town, so we had dinner together to celebrate her graduating from optometry school. It was nice seeing her again. Then, a Tycho concert with my coworker on Wednesday, and then a La Sera concert Thursday. Friday was spent stressing out over the class/workshop I had to teach the next day. That turned out to be a dud since only two people showed up. Still, it was a good experience, and I got paid– even if it was a little. Mother’s Day also happened the next day.

The next Saturday was my friend’s graduation. And then Sunday was my cousin’s son’s birthday. That was particularly a “big deal” since I haven’t seen any of my cousins in person in over 5 years (I think it might’ve been 7). It was cool to see them again and talk to them now, being an adult and all. It was surreal being in their parents’ house that I grew up in, and seeing all my cousin’s kids playing like I did back in the day. Shit really made me feel old and disconnected.

The following few weeks after that were hectic as all hell at work. The workload would pour in all at once, and then there’d be a lull where I was looking for shit to do. Then it would repeat. I spent most of those weeks in one of those states where I was just in a rhythm of working, eating, and sleeping, and nothing more. I also did some thinking about work. There was an instance where I just wanted to quit again, but after much thought, laziness and reason overcame, and I arrived at the conclusion that I won’t put any conscious effort into actively looking for a new job because really, is it going to be that much better at another agency? I seem to have an in here, and my boss seems to respect me, so I figured I should try to make those most out of this job/position while I’m here, and hope that my next move isn’t just lateral.

What also helped me arrive at that decision was the fact that I started another side project. There was much discussion about doing a podcast about one of our favorite shows for a while now, and this time we were really going to start it. So, before we actually started to record, my friends and I each had tasks to do. I had to do all the technical shit, so that took up a large chunk of my time that I probably would have spent looking for a job (or sulking at how work sucks). While the podcast has temporarily ceased to be as much of a time-suck that it was before we started recording, it’s still a fun time commitment that I have to be aware of as I plan everything else that’s going on.

I spent the next Saturday with my friends again, celebrating one them getting married. We consumed lots of alcohol and had a good time. I spent Sunday recovering.

Meanwhile, in the past week or two, I had an email conversation going on with my sister’s coworker who is looking to make an app and needed a developer and a designer. I made it clear that I was neither, but would help her with strategy and user experience design if she wanted me to. We eventually met in person, and it sounds like she was happy to work with me. Her idea wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, but her ideas regarding monetizing it seemed pretty genius, so I think there really might be something to it. She said she would send over paperwork by the weekend, but she hasn’t done so yet. I think she’s flying to Europe cuz her boss is on tour there, so I’m guessing she hasn’t had time to yet. Assuming that wasn’t her way of letting me down, I think this project will take up a decent amount of my time.

And of course, the World Cup started. So far, it’s been a great World Cup to watch just because it’s been so damn unpredictable. You start watching a match thinking you have a good idea who’s gonna lose, and then that team scores like crazy and ends up winning. Nail biters, for sure.

So with my freelance stuff, the podcast, and helping my friend out with teaching here and there, I like to think I’ll be keeping pretty busy for a while. Hopefully it’s enough to preoccupy my mind with more productive thoughts than those of trying to seduce my coworker.


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