Lush Life

December 27, 2014

I knew I’d dread it this month when I would realize I didn’t post much at all this year. But I honestly don’t think that it’s due to a lack of things to talk about. On the contrary, I feel as though this year was so incredibly eventful that I didn’t have much time/energy to update this blog. I see that as a good thing, though. As I noted in a previous post this year, I think that the decline in posts means that “I’m finally doing enough interesting shit with my life such that no one thing is worth blogging about.” I think it’s safe to say that that’s certainly a large part of it. While I wasn’t officially cataloguing everything like I usually do, I was out and about trying to be a more exciting person. That’s probably a good way of summing up 2014.

As usual, it frightens me how quickly the year passed. But, despite having only 8 blog posts this year (not including this one), I’m reminded of how much stuff occurred. Let’s go over some notable ones in no particular order (a.k.a. ones I actually remember):

Teaching, Coachella, FYF, so many concerts in general (most of which were with good company), learning to love camping (Point Mugu, Zion, Joshua Tree), thinking about my coworker (a lot), weed, podcasting, completely blacking out for the first time from drinking (that was quite a memorable night– not that I remember much), World Cup, my grandma’s death, and just lots of interesting events and happenings in general.

I’d venture to say that my goals and plans (or lack thereof) for 2014 that I came up with around the same time last year turned out to be mostly successful. I had said that “for 2014, I’ll forgo any expectations and let myself act on impulse.” Much of that was easily accomplished by simply saying “yes” more often, and agreeing to do things despite my natural inclination of not wanting to. While I don’t think I completely allowed myself to do that all the time, I do think that I did it enough times to say that 2014 was a crucial year for me as I tried to be the type of person I want to be, and that other people want to be around, too. I certainly hope to continue to work on that in 2015.

So what should I make of 2015? At this point: nothing. Outside of self-improvement, there’s not much else I have planned. The thought of forecasting the year ahead seems a bit daunting, and makes me feel a bit apprehensive, to be honest. Perhaps it’s me finally embracing the potential in myself to do whatever the hell I want as long as I put all my effort into it. Or, perhaps it’s the polar opposite; maybe I don’t gots shit, and now I’m just scared. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve pondered the thought of “what comes next?” There’s no clear and visible sign-post of what my next goal in life should be. I suppose it’s really whatever I want the goal to be, but the problem lies in the fact that I’m not really sure what I want next. At this point, and probably for a very long while, I think I’m just supposed to live life and do whatever the moment calls for. If I really had to define a goal for 2015, though, I think I will go on record and say that it’s to be happy. Not just content– or the momentary happiness I feel when I’m around the people I love, or doing the things enjoy– but to have this underlying, genuine happiness that makes life more interesting. I think 2014 laid a pretty good foundation for this goal, so maybe it isn’t unrealistic.

I hope to pick up my international travel habits again next year. That’s actually probably my biggest goal for 2015 (potentially 2016), now that I mention it. I’m thinking about traveling to Patagonia for no particular reason other than I want to, and that it looks beautiful there. And if all goes well, I’d be traveling with another person (or several!). But I’m not gonna get my hopes up. Realistic goals and expectations are the name of the game.

I don’t know the frequency of which I’ll be posting to this here blog in 2015. It may end up being more frequent, or worse than 2014. If it’s worse than 2014, then I hope it’s because so many good things are going on that I no longer need to stew and troubleshoot my life issues/events on this quasi-public forum.

I won’t be in town the last few days of December to post this rumination on a more appropriate day (that is, on a day that’s closer to NYE). I hope, though– whoever you are that happens to be reading this– that you have a great new year. Maybe we’ll cross paths in 2015 and not even know it.


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