Have You Got Nothing to Say

June 10, 2015

Much has changed since my last post, but the tone and mood of it all has not. Things are still in limbo at work, if not even more so than before. It became news to me a few weeks ago that the company I work for may be getting acquired by a bigger company. It also became news to me around the same time that my boss might potentially have a job offer and may end up leaving if she gets a worthwhile offer. You can imagine how torn I became upon hearing those pieces of information. I’ve been waiting patiently for the past few weeks hoping to hear an announcement regarding the acquisition, and what that means for everyone’s job. But, just like everyone else at work who knows (who somehow found out because apparently no one is supposed to know), I’ve been stressed by the lack of announcement. And now today, my coworker told me some story that may or may not be true about how we may not be getting acquired at all, and that we might be going under. But who knows if that’s true. That was heard second hand by a close coworker who said our other coworker told her (said other coworker is known to be a conniving person). That aside, we are losing four of our designers– one of which is Lynn.

Truthfully, I am happy for her. She got a great offer to work somewhere so much closer to where she lives, and to have more responsibilities, so it’s great experience for her. I’m just going to miss her. And it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about how this office will be a month from now, all gloomy and grim, without her there to make things better. And if my boss is gone, too? I guess I’d practically be forced to leave.

Oh yeah, I’m moving to the second floor of my apartment complex. Thank fucking Jesus. I reckon that after I finish moving and settling in, I’ll get deep the job searching game again and not stop unless I hear news of what’s gonna happen with the company– which is likely never, given how there’s no transparency at all here. It truly feels like the end of a chapter the way things are happening here; like it’s some season finale of a shitty TV show. What’s going to happen? Find out next season!


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