Stupid and Annoying Trends

On this page, you will find a non-thorough catalog of hipster things I have come across in my day, whether it be while at the computer or while outside.  Just to clarify, some of these things aren’t necessarily bad.  In fact I would say most of what I define as a hipster trend is just particularly due to its ubiquity among today’s youth (namely high school upwards to late 20s) who look like they model for American Apparel or Urban Outfitters.  Again, the latter of my preceding sentence isn’t bad– just merely a tool of categorization.

1.  Upside profile pictures / obscure camera angles / grouping dissimilar pictures together as one
This isn’t too common actually.  I’ve seen these less and less since I’ve gone cold turkey with MySpace, but I’ve seen them here and there on Facebook.

2.  Twittering / updating your Facebook status every 5 minutes
Ok, so maybe everyone does this, not just the “cool” kids.  Frankly, I find it overall annoying.  “______ is exhausted.”  “______ is amazed!”  How about toning down that subtlety there.  I feel like people make these either really cryptic updates to evoke some question asking as to why they’re such and such, from people who they think care.  That is, I don’t care, but I suppose there are those who do.  And then there are other people who basically say through their updates:  “My life is better than yours.”  I’m thinking that these types are worse, since they are rubbing in my shortcomings.  I should qualify this further by saying that in no way am I implying that I’m above these status updates either through Twitter or Facebook.  What I am saying is that 1.  It’s annoying reading people’s updates that contain any of the two traits I stated above, and 2.  That I wish that people wouldn’t update every minute detail of their life cuz 3.  I don’t care.

3.  Photography (and the like)
Cool kids take pictures of anything and everything, and speak photography jargon that I don’t understand because I have no reason to learn since I don’t own a camera.  I’ll get this out of the way and say that yes, I am jealous of their (D)SLR cameras.  In order to be hip, you have to take pictures at artsy-farsty angles (although I am aware this is a legitimate practice of photography), oversaturate your photos in color, make everything black and white and only apply color to certain parts of your picture, the list goes on.

4.  Clothing
I have no qualms with the following, but think enough of it to make note that this is the trendy thing going on:  V-necks of moderate length, tight (not fitting) clothes, that urban look (i.e. Obey clothing and the like), bright neon retro colors, flannel, Wayfarers.  I’m missing some stuff of course, but that should suffice to get my point across.  I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that though.  The following I do have problems with:  giant earrings (particularly on males), V-necks where the V essentially extends to the top of your stomach.

5.  Online etiquette (or lack thereof)
I wrote a whole post on this, but will reiterate the main point again:  people are either a) assholes or b) think it’s cool to ignore people who talk to them through any form on online communication, be it through Facebook, email, IM services, or anything else.  As a result of constantly getting this type of negativity from people who I consider my friends (and people I don’t of course), I will take up this poor habit of ignoring people.  Just those who have done the same to me, that is.  So for those who somehow “didn’t see” my email, or “forgot to respond” to my IM while it was perfectly clear they were at the computer, from now on when you try to contact me, expect a long, unnecessary delay.

6.  Language
Words and phrases like “fml” and “noms” are– let me choose my words wisely here– fucking stupid.  Having something small and stupid happen to you doesn’t warrant the use of fml.  Examples:  you dropped a french fry on the floor, your teacher picks on you in front of the class, you barely missed the green light.  What was initially amusing has quickly become annoying.  “Why does stupid shit like this annoy you?” you might be wondering.  It is rather petty to be annoyed with little things like these.  But scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and seeing a bunch of people use the same words like fml, noms, pwnd, chat abbreviations with excessive amounts of letters, any variations on these words, and a bunch of others, it adds up.  I guess there is something wrong with regular English.  What can be worse than reading this crap online?  Hearing people say it out loud.  I want to say it’s not that bad if you use it once in a while, but for now, I would really love to stop seeing and hearing stupid words like that being used.  ♥, bitches.  In case you missed my witty use of irony, overuse of that heart is stupid too.  edit:  “Noice” is also stupid.  You are a douche bag if you use that word.

7.  Alcohol
If people really knew what I think of their drinking personalities, I would have very little friends.  Yet, I put up with it, because I drink too.  Does that make me a hypocrite?  Not quite.  Like most everything else, moderation is key when consuming alcohol.  I still don’t understand why people willingly continue drinking even after they clearly know they’re drunk.  People say it’s fun.  Others say they just do it and not think about it.  That doesn’t help me understand.  I don’t get it.  It may very well be that what the amount of alcohol they need to consume to have fun is slightly more than mine; where they blackout or vomit.  It’s hard to explain this drinking situation without sounding like an elitist prick who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he doesn’t drink a lot.  That’s only slightly the case.  I drink, but just enough to be buzzed (varies from situation to situation).  But I digress.  This rant is about hip kids.  It’s cool to be drunk/hungover, wonder what you did the night before, get pulled over for driving drunk (you’re a fucking prick if you’re driving drunk).  And the coolest thing you could probably do to fit in with your drinking peers is to brag to people on your social networking site about how you took so and so shots and had so and so beers, ramble about all the fun you had but that you don’t remember, and laugh about it like it’s awesome and then do it all again the next night.


One Response to “Stupid and Annoying Trends”

  1. inflatablejesus Says:

    Is it also a trend to use typos cuz I found some here! Haha you know I kid because I care.

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